From Paddock to Sanctuary

The Creation of Wombat Bend

Picture a plain flat cow paddock of five acres somewhere in the Yarra Valley, Victoria. One boundary is a quiet country road edged with a few trees, remnants from pre-clearing days of the early 20th century. Another boundary is a deeply channelled winding creek containing wombat burrows. The only trees of any substance are the Manna Gums that flank both sides of the creek. The other two boundaries are marked by rough and ragged fencelines, barely sufficient to contain the cows who roam the paddock.

No trees, no water other than a small muddy dam. No birds apart from the odd magpie or rosella or raven flying overhead; no possums or gliders and definitely no koalas. What on earth could be the attraction to this bit of unloved farmland?

For us, seeking a patch to call our own, finding this paddock in 1978 was exactly what we wanted.

From paddock to sanctuary, all it took was two heads creating a vision that we knew from the very start would be our own personal Paradise.

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