Wildlife at Wombat Bend plus Eco-Adventure Package

Wombat Bend billabong: John Murray Photography

Wildlife at Wombat Bend plus Eco-Adventure Package

A wildlife experience that matches super-comfortable self-contained accommodation & the freshest of locally sourced foods with an environment that is arguably the best Australian natural landscape of its kind.

Wombat Bend is a designated Land For Wildlife sanctuary with a Significant Environmental Overlay.

The billabong and its parkland of Australian trees & shrubs are home to over 100 species of birds (including the rarely seen Mistletoe Bird), together with wombats, kangaroos, possums & gliders, and even the rare Phascogale has been observed. Native fish inhabit the clear fresh water; specially constructed nesting rafts encourage waterbirds to raise their broods safely, while water-edge plantings of Triglochin (Water Ribbons), Ludwigia sp and Juncus spp provide wonderful feeding & nesting habitat for countless birds.

Black Duck & babies: Sue Forrester

Wombat Bend also records the highest frog species count for Yarra Valley properties surveyed post-2009 bushfires … so night time is noisy in the nicest possible way.

The billabong is the heart of the sanctuary, an ever-changing picture that draws the eye at every turn ~ sit quietly and let nature move around you. You’ll experience life differently and be truly connected with the natural world.

Eco-Adventure Tours ~ Night Owls and Flying Possums

If you’re a Night Owl yourself, you’ll revel in this experience.

Yellow-bellied Glider: Geoff Sands Photography

Join our local Eco-Adventure guide for a night-time wildlife experience to search for ‘flying possums’ ~ the Yellow-bellied Glider, the Greater Glider (the largest gliding possum in the world), wombats, wallabies and other nocturnal animals & birds.

Or if you prefer, experience this park by day and discover the many plant and bird species that inhabit this rich environment of cool montane forest and riverside.

The package includes:

  • Two nights mid-week stay (Sun-Thurs) for one couple in The Burrow, breakfast included in tariff.
  • Night Walk or Daytime Nature Walk with Eco-Adventure Tours in the beautiful Yarra Ranges National Park, at Badger Weir.
  • Price per couple: $522


Price per couple: $522

For bookings, please email Sue Forrester (theburrow@wombatbend.com)