Summer Days 2017

A time capsule of a beautiful Summer at Wombat Bend .... we have been busy

The Days of August

There’s something so special and particular about August to me that I am forever sad when we reach the last day. It’s the light that changes by the moment; it’s the bursts of bright sunshine and the sudden sharp showers that sometimes even morph...

Winter Sunset

O what a sunset ! Do you really need to go further than our Yarra Valley for one of Nature’s best displays?

Thirty White Egrets

Thirty Egrets ~ Judith Wright McKinney   Once as I travelled through a quiet evening, I saw a pool, jet-black and mirror-still. Beyond, the slender paperbarks stood crowding; each on its own white image looked its fill, and nothing moved but thirty egrets wading...

A tapestry treasure

We have a new treasure in The Burrow .... in the bedroom. Look at this exquisite tapestry cushion, created by Jules Taylor, of Mercurious ( ) using antique textiles and each piece lovingly crafted .... our cushion is a miraculous match in tones...

Vintage Buick goes to a Wedding

We had some very special wedding guests in The Burrow a few nights ago .... I couldn't resist sharing some photos with you. Of course our guests were a delight, but just look at who they brought along with them .... their 1925 Buick...

Summer Morning

There are always pictures to be found ... early this morning, with a forecast of over 40 degrees, I was out with the Airedales about 6.30. The light on the newly baled paddocks was breath taking. The smell of fresh hay on the breeze...

Yarra Valley

The Yarra Glen area is packed with options for Yarra Valley accommodation. Luxury hotels, conference centres, guest houses and budget motels are all comfortable, but an intimate Yarra Glen B&B retreat of your own is something else again. The Burrow at Wombat Bend...

Winter Weekend

A winter’s weekend at Wombat Bend ~ what could be more perfect? Sue